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Sustainability Works


Sustainability Works knows its clients’ organizational culture well, so we can answer many of the questions that you might have. We are also very familiar with the sustainability landscape: the market, competitors, etc. and therefore we may be able to advise you on your next career steps.


We interact with both candidates and clients about all important aspects around hiring: the strategic intention of the organization, the goal and expected results of the position, the organizational culture, the commitment and its preconditions.


While we are not currently accepting open applications, if you are interested in being considered for current or future roles that we might be recruiting for, please feel free to connect with Annelies Pijnenburg via LinkedIn.


We are especially interested in hearing from ambitious multi-talented people who have been very successful in (among other things) international business, who speak multiple languages, who are not afraid of 'uphill battles' and who are seeking to make a 'net-positive' impact to society. Please bear in mind that sustainability frontrunners pay lower salaries on average than commercial corporations. 


Career Coaching

We also provide career coaching sessions if you wish to receive (additional) support in sharpening your focus. Please contact us at application AT sustainabilityworks DOT eu to enquire about possibilities and pricing.


Sustainability Works searches and finds the best matches for dozens of openings each year, usually through a combination of publishing, networking and searching our database. It is therefore important that you resend your CV/resumé to us in case of any significant changes, or let us know via LinkedIn.


Should you no longer wish us to have your contact details, please email us at application AT sustainabilityworks DOT eu with a request to remove your data. We will do so within 5 working days and send you a confirmation.