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Sustainability Works

Recruitment and Executive Search in Sustainability 

Sustainability Works matches:


  • Sustainability frontrunners, from start-ups to
    corporates, NGOs and PPPs
  • Operating in international, complex and/or dynamic environments
  • In need of high-performance teams
  • Scenario uncertainty 


  • Who are values-driven with a high level of integrity
  • With the ability to turn complexity into tangible action 
  • Who focus on impact and market relevance
  • For whom growth, learning and experiences are important

How to select sustainability professionals?

How to select sustainability professionals

Standard job requirements, e.g:

  • Sector or country experience​
  • Functional: management, comms, sales, etc​
  • All-round professionality ​
  • Language skills​

Minimum requirements

Transitional competencies:​

  • Analytical, conceptual and zooming skills
  • Multi-talented, strategist ánd hands-on,
    innovative, agile​
  • Engagement and interpersonal effectiveness​

These define effectiveness in a dynamic context

Sustainability core:​

  • Personal vision and mission​
  • Drive & motivation. Perseverance.​
  • Values, integrity, credibility​

These are qualifyers for transitional leadership towards more sustainable practices